When Saturday Comes Survey 2014
It's international tournament time so that must mean it's time for the WSC Survey. As always we'd be really grateful for your response - you could be lucky and win a WSC T-shirt.

It will take you about 10 minutes. Some loyal and attentive readers will note a few questions are the same as in previous years - that's because we're measuring long-term trends (rather than being unimaginative).

Select one box per question unless otherwise stated.
1. How did you ‘interact’ with World Cup 2014?
2. How did you ‘feel’ about it by the end?
3. What did you think of England's performance?
4. Here's a chance to offer some World Cup praise or blame.
Please write in
5. Here are some statements about this World Cup.  
Please tick the ones you agree with and leave the rest blank.
6. Which words accurately describe England's performance in Brazil?
Please select all that apply
7. Here's a selection of clubs. We've got our own reasons for wanting to know if you've got a soft spot for them or dislike them.  If you don't feel anything either way, don't tick either box
  Like Dislike  
  Man Utd  
  Hull City  
  AC Milan  
  Real Madrid  
8. Possible changes to the divisional structures and promotion / relegation systems of the professional game in England are often suggested.
Which comes closest to your view?
Select one only
9. Please write in
10. The 21st century is seeing the promotion of different types of football.  Which of the following types have you ever watched being played on an organized basis?
Select all that apply
11. When you're watching club games not involving your own team how often do issues about poor ownership, financial probity and 'morality' affect who you want to win?
Select one response
12. How did you access pay TV coverage of British football in the 2013-14 season?
Select all that apply
13. Please write in
14. If you are a season ticket holder how do you get on with the other people who regularly sit near you / your group / family?
Select one response
15. How much do you know about the work of Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation?
Select one response
16. What do you make of Luis Suarez?
Tick as many as appropriate
16.a Please write in
17. Thinking now of the magazine how long have you been a reader of WSC?
18. How often do you buy WSC?
19. How many people, including yourself, typically read your copy of WSC?
20. Which other football magazines do you buy?
Tick as many as appropriate.
21. In your view / experience how well-known is WSC?
22. Please write in
23. Please write in
24. Please write in
25. How would you rate WSC overall in terms of value for money?
26. How often do you visit wsc.co.uk?
27. What do you think of the WSC website?
28. Please write in
29. Do you receive the WSC Weekly Howl email?
30. Please write in
31. Please write in
32. Which types of online or social media do you use regularly to follow football?
Tick as many as appropriate
33. Which particular football websites do you like and visit regularly?
34. How regularly do you play football?
35. What other sports are you actively interested in? (ie play or watch regularly)
Tick as many as appropriate.
36. How often do you bet on football or any other sport?
37. Which of these things do you spend your hard-earned cash on?
Tick as many as appropriate
38. Are you?
39. How old are you?
40. What is your occupation?
41. Which region do you live in?
42. Which daily newspaper do you read most often?
That completes the questionnaire.
  Thanks for doing this. From time to time we contact readers with details of special offers. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please fill in your name and email address below. Rest assured that your details will not be passed on to any other organisation. You will also stand a chance of being one of the ten lucky T-shirt winners.
Please return by Friday 15th August 2014

Please press the submit button to complete the survey. Thank you for your help.
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